Bright Phoebus


Waking to an impressively loud dawn chorus and sun cheerily announcing it’s presence through the partially curtained window this morning got me up early. Even though I had been unable to get to sleep until Bill got home at around 1.30 and a restless and fidgety night had followed… (I often explore the bed a lot in my sleep, I sometimes think it must be like sleeping with an inquisitive mongoose sharing a bed with me, but Bill doesn’t seem to mind…)

I stole upstairs in the quiet house, cats and dog at my heels… to sit in the peaceful filtered sunlight of the kitchen and drink my first and best coffee of the day. I love this time alone before anyone else is about and have been known to scowl and mutter grumpily at anyone else who suddenly decides to rise early. I think that along with my walks and my drawing it is a kind of golden territory when my mind and body are in harmony somehow… processing my perceptions of the world and allowing me to tune in to things that I can’t access when others are there.

there is however only so much golden time a collie will allow before groaningly resting her head on your lap and gazing appealingly into your eyes with that look that tells you walking must happen very soon, her tail thumps hopefully… as I bimble around in the bathroom splashing my face and hair and balancing contact lenses on wet fingers she stations herself at the bottom of the stairs, head on the lowest step, every muscle trembling with the waiting.

Outside the sun is warm and strong already and  fills my heart with hope for days of lightly scented breezes and blossom to come. Spring is my most loved season, bursting with promises, fresh and unsullied, holding out the prospect of being newborn even for those of us who have seen her come and go many times already.

years ago Bill played me a song called ‘Bright Phoebus’ by Mike and Lal Waterson, which has become my spring anthem. because it sums up that feeling of complete and utter joy I feel when after a long dark Winter. Look it up, and enjoy…. x


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